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Dust Mite Allergen Elimination Service

Providing you with a refreshing anti-allergy environment.


Dust Mite Allergen Elimination in Three Steps!
Eliminate Dust Mites and Allergens


1. UV disinfection deodorant
2. Specialized vacuum cleaning for the elimination of allergens including dust, mites, and bacteria
3. High-pressured steam cleaner sterilization


The German-Made Equipment Utilized in Our Services have been Approved by The British Allergy Foundation

Medical grade HEPA filter, German-made dust-mite vacuums

Dust mite is the major household allergen which feed on human skin flakes. People shed off 28 grams of skin flakes every week. So it’s no surprise that dust mite is commonly found in the place where skin flakes accumulate, places such as mattress, blanket, pillow, couch, cushion, and stuffed toy.

Dust mite itself does not induce allergic reactions; rather, dust mite excrement that should be held accountable. It contains highly active protein allergen which induces asthma and other allergic reactions. What’s worse, dust mite excrement are microscopic and light, which could easily be blown and raised into air by our daily activities, making them easy to be inhaled into human body.

Climate and household condition in Taiwan provide ideal environment for dust mite to reproduce. If your family member happens to be more susceptible to allergies, regular dust mite elimination has got to be one of the top priorities on the task list.